The architectural services follow the Official Scale of Fees for Services by Architects and Engineers:

preliminary planning

base estimates

design documentation

authorization planning

construction documentation

prearrangement of order placing

cooperation of order placing

object supervision

object servicing

Our clients' desires to build energy saving, environment friendly homes or offices with a healthy indoor climate have a high priority in the development of our individual concepts and designs.

The integration of provisions for active and passive use of solar energy and sustainable water management during the early stages of planning, enables us to work out clean solutions in both construction and design as well as the realization of a potential cost efficiency.

Passive House Design and counseling for energy saving of buildings

Conduct of the official "On-Site-Counseling" of the German Federal Administration for Economy and Technology and application for funds for efficient and economical use of energy in residential buildings.

Decentralized and sustainable systems of infrastructure

Integrated decentralized infrastructures for sustainable energy- and water-supplies, effluent disposal and waste management enable a comfortable and relatively cost efficient operation of buildings, independent of existing infrastructure, even in water protection areas.

Design, research and development in architecture

The thematic priority is sustainability and includes environment oriented and energy efficient building with sustainable materials, use of solar energy, water management, and ecological sanitary engineering.

The focus lies on the reference to the building practice. We compile concepts of design, development and strategy as well as scientific analysis of building products and systems as a decision guidance.

Advanced training

Organization, coordination and realization of lectures, workshops, excursions and research trips world wide.